Top of the Stairs

When my mom was a kid she'd get to the top of the stairs, cleaning supplies in hand and her mother hollers from the kitchen: "Sis, clean your room!"

Timing is everything. It made her seethe. 

Sometimes, a reminder is useful. Sometimes, it feels like being nagged. Feeling in control keeps me going forward and feeling controlled impels me to push back. Sometimes, far-fetched ideas grab hold and rent space in a mind.

Some people put greater faith in their distrust, in the ill intent of others. They think that's the most valid conclusion based on their understanding. I've done that, too. I've asserted that someone wasn't acting out of love, but from their own selfishness. Sometimes, my own agenda makes me deaf to hear Love.

"Sometimes the only real difference
between crazy people and artists
is that artists write down
what they imagine seeing." 

— Scott Adams, creator of Dilbert cartoons

Sometimes crazy gets to the top of the stairs and wins a seat in government.